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High-performance solutions defend fabric

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0308_Np7_1The Defense™ line provides protection from harmful manmade and environmental threats such as UV rays, mildew, stains and wear. Consisting of five individual solutions that can be used alone or in any combination, it maximizes performance and minimizes impact to the fabric’s hand and appearance.

Solar Defense provides printed fabrics with outstanding sun exposure resistance (many colors currently in excess of 1500 hours and approaching 2000 hours).

Nano Defense offers superior water and stain repellency from foods and beverages such as red wine, catsup, Kool-Aid® and honey.

Wear Defense protects printed and solid fabrics with a proprietary system designed to optimize abrasion resistance, far exceeding industry testing standards.

Mildew Defense protects against mildew, bacterial and fungal growth and odor formation, even if fabrics are stored slightly damp or exposed to weather.

Breach Defense creates exceptional barrier protection, preventing water and other liquids from penetrating the fabric.

Ultimate Defense combines all five solutions.

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