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Bamboo plants used for textiles

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It can be stronger than iron, yet fragile as paper. It can be eaten as well as worn. As a source of medicine, it can heal. It cleans the air and makes music in the wind. Now, make room in your closets for the newest in textile plants…bamboo.

In an April, 2008 article, reports that bamboo offers many advantages in clothing, including breathing and wicking properties, elasticity, softness, and absorbability. It also takes up dyes easier, which means less dye needs to be used. It is less coarse than linen, hemp and burlap, which are other plant-based fabrics.

The downside of bamboo, the website reports, is that bamboo is subjected to the same kind of processing procedures as cotton or rayon, which means that strong solvents are required to make it suitable for any textile use.


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