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PGI donates disposable medical garments

Advanced Textiles, Industry News | October 1, 2008 | By:

Visitors from around the world converged in Beijing for the Olympic Games, and Chinese first responders were ready with 6,000 donated disposable medical garments from Polymer Group Inc. (PGI), Charlotte, N.C., and two Asia-based manufacturers. PGI’s plant in Suzhou, China, is that nation’s largest producer of spunmelt nonwoven fabrics, which provide protection from blood and body fluids, comfort and breathability, and easy disposal for infection control.

Recently PGI has worked with Chinese health authorities on technologies to prevent large-scale public health outbreaks and protect first responders, issues elevated in importance since the massive earthquakes that shook the country in 2008. The Olympic Games, meant to showcase modern China’s accomplishments, gave PGI and partners Daikin Chemicals and Kunshan Jiehong an opportunity to demonstrate the products’ benefits on the world stage.

The city set up 157 medical stations, dispatched 191 ambulances and recruited more than 3,000 medical volunteers for 31 competition venues, 45 independent training places and 10 noncompetition venues to provide medical services. The donated surgical gowns, caps, masks and sheets helped hundreds of first responders offer first aid to athletes and spectators without compromising worker health. For more information, visit the PGI Web site at

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