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Defining extrusion coating

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My client wants to know if the fabric I’ve proposed for their project is extrusion coated. What’s that and how do I find out?

Coating is the process of adding a semi-liquid to a fabric base; there are several different methods used. Extrusion coating is a technique in which resin pellets are fed into an extruder, where they are melted and combined into a homogenous solution. This solution is pumped through a die to form a molten sheet, which is applied directly to a substrate. Further steps involve the coated material going through a series of rolls to ensure that the coating fully adheres to the substrate. Extrusion coating is sometimes used for fabrics where a heavier coating is desired on the finished material, but there’s really no way to tell which coating technique was used without asking your fabric supplier.

Juli Case is IFAI’s information and technical services manager.

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