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Threads resist high temperatures

Resources | November 1, 2008 | By:

We’re making a product that goes inside a factory and will be exposed to temperatures of 400 F. We’ve got the fabric; any suggestions for an FR thread that we can use?

FR usually stands for flame retardant, but that may not be what you need here. Sometimes a material will resist burning, or burn slowly, but still be damaged by high temperatures. We contacted suppliers of high-temperature resistant thread and received several recommendations.

The most frequently suggested threads were those made of aramid fibers, Nomex and Kevlar. PTFE and PTFE coated fiberglass were also mentioned, as was bonded nylon and polyester thread. For more information, we suggest you contact the following suppliers:

SOURCE American & Efird Inc.

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SOURCE Saunders Thread Co.

Juli Case is IFAI’s information and technical services manager.

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