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Control Union Certifications launches global recycling standard

Industry News | January 1, 2009 | By:

Control Union Certifications, a Netherlands-based group of international industries, launched the first Global Recycling Standard (GRS) for textiles and clothing. The three-tier standard was developed “in response to an increasing desire from the textile industry to back up claims that can be made regarding recycled products,” says Mark Prosé of Control Union Certifications. Gold standard requires products to contain 95–100 percent recycled material; Silver standard requires 70–95 percent; and Bronze requires a minimum of 30 percent. The certificates are accepted as valid in most countries handling textile and clothing products, since the criteria used are those of Scientific Certification Systems, a third-party certification and testing agency. Next on the horizon may be a manufacturing index to determine the environmental impact of the outdoor apparel, footwear and equipment industry. For more information, visit

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