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Oeko-Tex® Institute meets in South Africa

Industry News | January 1, 2009 | By:

The International Oeko-Tex Association held its annual directors’ conference Oct. 27–28 in Cape Town, South Africa, with particpants from 41 countries celebrating nearly 9,000 product safety certificates issued during the last year. Efforts to increase awareness of textile product safety even in less significant markets, such as Africa, were highlighted by an event held for customers hosted by South Africa’s largest textile trader.

The institute directors emphasized that they will continue to offer manufacturers, traders and textile consumers a high degree of product safety. The basis for the new formulation of test criteria is shaped by continual observation of the market, harmonization with national and international standards and laws, and consideration for the latest scientific findings. Currently, more than 8,000 companies from 85 countries are active in the Oeko-Tex certification system. For information, contact

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