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Backpack doubles as fleece throw blanket

Products | February 1, 2009 | By:

A student trudging to school with a backpack bigger than herself may earn praise as a model student, but actually plan to nap in the library during third period if she’s carrying a Throw-to-Go. Springs Creative Products Group LLC, Rock Hill, S.C., recently introduced the stylish Throw-to-Go backpack, which unfolds into a comfortable fleece throw blanket for those mid-morning snoozes.

Springs Creative released Throw-to-Go in a variety of licensed designs, such as Disney®, NASCAR® and Coca-Cola®, but also offers a Decorate It Yourself kit that allows students to personalize their packs. The Throw-to-Go retails for under $25, and Spring Creative calls it “the perfect accessory for children for busy days-on-the-run or for slumber party nights.” For more information, visit the Springs Creative Web site at While you’re there, check out the Historical Library of American Textile Design, a collection of more than 350,000 fabric swatches and designs from the 1800s to today, now open to industry professionals for research.

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