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Dodger and bimini fit needs of sailboat owner

Marine, Projects | May 1, 2009 | By:

[Leatherback Canvas] San Diego, Calif., U.S.A.

A 6-foot 4-inch sailboat owner wanted a dodger and bimini that would fit his tall frame and look great, without sacrificing protection and durability, and he wanted it to be able to disappear quickly. Leatherback Canvas made spray curtains that would also keep the owner’s small children safely aboard the yacht. A large stainless steel frame was cold bent in the Leatherback shop, and a wraparound aft hand grab and custom-machined bosses were welded to the dodger frame. Two struts bolted to the bosses have special welded fittings that allow the aft bow to fold forward. A center-mounted rope-track was fastened to the forward bow, providing a place to mount the windshield, which features Rainier Diamond polycarbonate windows that fit track to track. The dodger’s top can fold forward or zip off, and the bimini top stores in a boot when folded. Leatherback won an Award of Excellence for their custom solution.

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