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Project showcases art and architecture in fabric and steel

Projects | May 1, 2009 | By:

Every two years, a landscape architect is chosen through a juried competition to create an installation for the Cleveland Public Art Park. The latest incarnation, from Eventscape, Toronto, Ont., Canada, celebrates both Cleveland’s industrial heritage and its new “green” environmental agenda. The fabric-clad organic futuristic forms make a powerful visual impact on a number of levels: historic, artistic, structural and political.

The fabricated steel forms represent the city’s historical steel industry. One of the elements was designed to be self-supporting, with the rest installed on the ground; metal base plates mount to concrete slabs. The hand-bent frame was requested by the project designer to enhance the organic feel.

Each element required integrated solar panels, to give a luminous glow to the fabric structures at night. The custom covering was fabricated to match the client’s green color, and is coated for water repellency and UV protection. Eventscape worked closely with the client and fabric mill to find a material that would meet requirements for stretch and translucency as well as lightfastness and weathering criteria. In winter, the outer fabric covering is easily removed to showcase the metal armatures’ structure, casting intricate shadows and providing two design options for this all-season attraction.

Engineer: Ian Mountfort, Blackwell Bowick Partnership Ltd.

Design: North Design Office; Peter North, for Cleveland Public Art

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