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Fasnap Corp. provides grommets, tools and clips

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Fasnap® now has stainless steel rolled rim grommets with spur washers in sizes #0 and #0 long barrel that can be attached using a bench or kick press, or semi- or fully automatic machinery. Ideal for heavy-duty applications such as tarps, awnings, signs and banners.

The Snap Dragon Tool™ is capable of stretching a variety of industrial fabrics that have been installed with Fasnap’s One-Way-Lift® directional locking fasteners by providing additional leverage that attaches the fastener socket to the stud in one motion.

The Stayput shock cord clip is used to apply tension to the fabric to which it is attached. Recommended for marine applications, it can be installed in different thicknesses of fabric, has corrosion resistance and is UV stabilized.

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