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Nanotechnology goes to the dogs

Industry News | July 1, 2009 | By:

When Rover rolls over on his fabric-covered pet bed, most dog owners resign themselves to an ongoing, unsightly mess of dog coat oil, dirt, grime, food stains and hair. Banishing dirty dogs from the family hearth isn’t a viable option, but Nano Pet Products LLC, a Wilton, Ct., manufacturer of pet products, thinks nanotechnology can solve the grimy bed problem. The company’s Dog Gone Smart Technology® textiles use NanoSphere® finishes from Schoeller Textiles AG and bacteriostatic treatments to create cleaner, healthier pet products.

The NanoSphere technology mimics nature, as do other water-repellent processes. The lotus leaf has raised areas that hold water droplets off the surface. This effect can be recreated with nanotechnology, creating a surface topology that prevents water from adhering to fabric, allowing water or dirt to be rinsed off. Dog Gone Smart Technology also employs a bacteriostatic agent that reduces the spread of odor-causing and infectious bacteria and allergens, improving canine health and preventing funky dog smells. For more information, visit

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