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INX announces global availability of print head cleaning service

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INX Digital International Co. announced the global availability of its UV HeadCure print head cleaning service. Employing a new, patent-pending technology, it has shown to provide 100-percent recovery of UV print heads with obstructed nozzles and restricted flow.

Unlike solvent inks, UV inks cannot be dissolved once they have cured, which creates a problem when cured ink clogs print head nozzles and passages. Mixing it with incompatible fluids or with water can initiate the process, as will some traditional solvent-ink print shop methods, such as capping or sealing the print head. With solvent inks, this is good because it keeps residual ink moist, but UV ink starts to cure due to lack of oxygen.

The technology is designed to work with any print head type.

SOURCE INX Digital International Co.

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