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Air-inflated patient transfer products

Advanced Textiles, Projects | November 1, 2009 | By:

AirPal® PTS Inc., Center Valley, Pa., claims to build a better line of air-inflated products for transferring ill or injured patients—and is willing to back its claims with a limited five-year warranty. “Traditionally manufacturers in this product segment have offered one-year warranties,” says company president Jim Weedling. The AirPal Platform line consists of inflatable patient surfaces with a constant escape of air underneath that reduces friction and allows safe transfers from one flat surface to another.

AirPal uses thermoplastic fabric composites that are strong, durable, antimicrobial, antistatic, and resistant to flames, stains, odors and fluids. A new waterproof coating remains intact during heat exposure, especially to heat damage during the frequent laundry cycles needed to clean the products after each use. High tensile strength nylon webbing handles give health care workers a firm grip during lifting. Heat sealing and sewn construction ensure an airtight seal on products such as the AirPal Rapid Airway Management Positioner (RAMP), which inflates to position a patient, even the elderly or overweight, to open the airway for better breathing or intubation.

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