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Innovation Theater

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A hub of activity on the show floor, Innovation Theater attendees came for seminars, workshops and exhibitor presentations, as well as the “IAA: How They Did It” performance styled as a late-night show.

Exhibitors who signed up for presentations were given 30 minutes and a stage to show off their latest or greatest products and services. Participants ranged from equipment manufacturers to software purveyors to the U.S. government (in the form of a representative from the Department of Commerce).

One of the best-attended exhibitor presentations was given by MPanel Software and Prodim USA, who teamed up to demonstrate how Prodim’s portable measuring product, the Proliner, could bring field measurements to your computer screen when paired with MPanel’s design software.

Professionals can accurately measure the frame of a fabric structure, for example, using the Proliner pen-and-cable system, with the ability to “leap” between distant points without losing the measurement. The data gathered by the Proliner can then be inputted directly into MPanel’s software system, allowing designers to do their virtual work with real-world accuracy. (For more information, visit or

The demonstration was an ideal example of two companies collaborating to show how their technologies can be used together to maximize efficiency, both in the field and in the office. By opting for a presentation in the Innovation Theater, selected exhibitors were able to capitalize on central show floor placement and generate some genuine interest in their products.

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