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Jet bridge canopy fabric that meets standards

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We’re making a jet bridge canopy for a local airport and have been told we need to use fabric that meets NFPA 415 and FAR 25.853. I’ve never heard of those specifications. Can you tell me more?

We’re familiar with FAR 25.853; it’s part of the Federal Aviation Regulation. Section 25 pertains to airworthiness standards and Section 853 has to do with aircraft interiors. As such, we’re not sure how it applies to an exterior canopy at an airport.

NFPA 415 was new to us, but we quickly found out that the title is “Standard on Airport Terminal Buildings, Fueling Ramp Drainage and Loading Walkways.” Since it references the finished product, it itself isn’t a specification on the fabric, but it references one. We didn’t have the current version, but the version we have cites NFPA 701 for canopy flammability, and since it’s also an NFPA specification, it’s likely that it’s the specification that your fabric needs to meet. Since NFPA 701 is one of the more widely cited textile flammability specifications, you should have no trouble locating a supplier.

SOURCE Federal Aviation Administration, 866 835 5322

SOURCE National Fire Protection Association

Juli Case is IFAI’s information and technical services manager.

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