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Laser sealing for airbag thorax wraps

Markets, Projects | December 1, 2009 | By:

Car crashes affect more than six million Americans each year, but seat belts and airbags increase a passenger’s odds of survival. Schreiner ProTech North America Inc., Southfield, Mich., developed a laser-based manufacturing process for side inflatable curtain airbag wraps that eliminates time-consuming manual sewing or costly plastic injection molding. The company has now applied the same efficient process to the Miniature Thorax Airbag Wrap, which deploys to protect the passenger’s thorax, pelvis and abdomen during a crash.

The wraps, which are 10 times smaller than side-curtain airbag wraps, are printed on nonwoven fabric, laser-welded and cut to size through a high-speed, one-step process. By printing the wraps with warnings in multiple languages and custom designing to fit all vehicles, Schreiner ProTech has the ability to service customers worldwide. The wraps are ISO/TS 16949 certified and currently in use by a number of international auto manufacturers.

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