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World Cup fans to be tented

Industry News, Tents | April 1, 2010 | By:

South Africa hosts the World Cup soccer tournament in 2010 and expects to be inundated in June and July by die-hard fans cheering on their home teams. Two of the country’s largest cities, Johannesburg and Durban, plan to erect huge tent campsites to accommodate visitors who can’t afford hotels during the tournament. Approximately 40 tents housing 1,500 people will rise in Johannesburg’s Waverley Park and will cost the equivalent of $53-67 in U.S. dollars a day, depending upon amenities such as big screen televisions, fast-food outlets, laundromats, bowling alleys and security. Health and safety are top priorities for South Africa as it welcomes a projected 400,000 foreign spectators to the tournament.

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