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Geotextile tubes provide hurricane protection for Cancun beach

Geosynthetics, Projects | May 1, 2010 | By:

{TenCate™ Geosynthetics} Pendergrass, Georgia, U.S.A.

Cancun on the Caribbean coast is the most important beach resort in Mexico and famous worldwide for its magnificent beaches. In 1988 Hurricane Gilbert destroyed the natural balance of the area, modifying the offshore sand banks and damaging the famous beaches, which have since had severe erosion problems. In 2005 Hurricane Wilma struck, doing further damage. The solution developed called for four submerged breakwater structures constructed of geotextile tubes, each 420 meters (1,380 feet) long, and placed strategically about 200 meters offshore along the coast. The tubes formed a structure that was economical, removable, didn’t disrupt the vacation environment, and could resist the most severe hurricane. The structures have also encouraged rapid marine growth and a return of native marine habitat. Visit TenCate for more information.

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