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VistaMaxâ„¢ propylene-based elastomers add value to flexible films

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ExxonMobil Chemical’s Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomers create new opportunities for customers to add value to their flexible film applications across the value chain. The combination of benefits offered by Vistamaxx provides a new level of performance potential: enhanced sealability, improved adhesion, inherent elasticity, notable toughness and broad polyolefin compatibility. Applications include cast polypropylene (cPP), stretch hood, PP raffia tape, extrusion coated and laminated woven and nonwoven polyolefinic substrates, surface protection, cast stretch, and elastic hygiene film. High transparency film applications also benefit from the good optical properties and chemical resistance of Vistamaxx.

The complete combination of benefits allows film manufacturers and end user customers to design films with new levels of performance, lower formulation and processing costs, and achieve sustainability objectives with lower energy usage, reduced material consumption and, as Vistamaxx is a polyolefin, recyclability.

SOURCE: ExxonMobil

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