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Nanofibers spun from melt-blown polymers

Products | July 26, 2010 | By:

An innovative new die from The Arthur G. Russell Co. Inc. produces large quantities of nanofibers from PP, PET, PBT and other resins. Typical melt-blown fibers average more than 1 micron in size, but the new die produces fibers averaging as small as 400 nanometers. Unlike standard dies, the patented laminated stainless steel Russell nanofiber die is designed to operate at extrusion pressures as high as 1500 psi, and 64 orifices per inch. Nanofibers produced offer protection from airborne and liquid-borne contaminants, for applications in health care, hospital gowns, filters, water purification systems, geotextiles and other nonwoven filtration, absorption or dispensing products.

SOURCE The Arthur G. Russell Co. Inc.

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