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Amicor Breathe fibers have locked-in antifungal properties to kill dust mites

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Research and scientific studies have proved that 70 percent of all asthma cases can be attributed to Der P1 allergen contained in the excrement of House Dust Mites (HDM), microscopic organisms that thrive in a dark, warm and humid environment. Human perspiration and warm, humid conditions create the ideal environment for the growth of fungi, which transform dead skin cells into a food source for dust mites. Children are particularly sensitive to this problem.

Amicor Breathe uses a unique technology developed to combat the threat of dust mites. In the past, the usual way to control dust mites was either by containment using barrier fabrics or killing them with powerful insecticides. Amicor Breathe prevents the house dust mites from living inside textiles simply by taking away the food source. The fibers have locked-in antifungal properties that inhibit the growth of fungi, and prevent skin flakes from being transformed into food for mites.

Applications include mattresses, duvet and pillow fillings, mattress covers, sheets and pillow cases, creating a healthy sanctuary from allergens night after night. Amicor uses “Late Injection Technology” to incorporate the additives into the fiber structure, making them durable and long-lasting, retaining the antimicrobial performance even after 200 hospital washing cycles. Amicor Breathe is on the Oeko-Tex “White List” Standard 100 of approved antimicrobials for use in ecologically safe textiles.

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