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Cutting machine offers speeds up to 66 inches per seconds

Miscellaneous | August 1, 2010 | By:

IFAI Expo 2010 Booth: 1054

The new model M8 cutting machine is introduced by Autometrix. M8 offers cutting speeds up to 66 inches per second and features a carbon fiber gantry. The front panel is an ergonomic design that allows for finger-tip control as well as access to the inside of the electronics cabinet by opening the front panel drawer. The machine is available in six widths and any length from 8 feet to 80 feet in 4-foot increments, allowing customers to purchase exactly the size needed to fit available floor space. The M8 also features enhanced designs advancements in electronics, offering self-diagnostic features and a graphics LCD touch screen.

SOURCE Autometrix Precision Cutting Systems

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