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Lightweight films suitable for medical and outdoor applications

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Aptra® Classic films are a component in garments for protection against viral and blood borne diseases such as H1N1 and HIV. Lightweight and breathable, Aptra microporous polypropylene films are used in medical and hygiene applications. Easily laminated by point bonding, heated calendar, sonic bonding, heat sealing and spray adhesives, Aptra films are made with FDA-approved raw materials for incidental contact or direct contact. Applications include disposable garments, mattress covers, seat covers, patient curtains, urinary, waste and laundry bags, transdermal patches and wound care and in the bio-hazardous environment and chemical industries.

Aptra® UV8 film from RKW US is a lightweight, UV stabilized, waterproof, non-abrasive polypropylene film with bonding, barrier and degradation properties. Used as a composite in outdoor applications. Breathable Aptra UV8 resists molds, mildews and produces less ash when incinerated. Applications include roofing underlayment, automotive covers, protective clothing, house wrap, impermeable bags providing security in industrial maintenance, petrochemical, nuclear, packaging, marine and construction industries.

RoofTopGuard II© High Performance Roofing Underlayment from RKW US is a 5-layer polypropylene/polyethylene in a waterproof, lightweight, fast installation roll size that is suitable for use under all roofing materials. Mildew and mold-resistant, 100-percent impenetrability to insects, vermin, rot and can be exposed to the elements for up to six months without degradation. Made with exclusive FIBER-GRIP®surface slip protection for traction and superior slip resistance compared to standard roofing felts.

Trikoron® barrier films from RKW offer barrier protection against gases, odors, flavorings, chemicals and solvents while retaining high thermal stability. Designed in a tubular or bag form, the 5-layer, co-extruded film is based on a wide range of barrier materials and polymers specifically for the packaging, automotive, marine, dry goods and chemical industries. Applications include hot filling, bag-in-box or industrial applications where a technical or packaging barrier solution is required.


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