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Nonwoven plant pods rooted in technology

Projects | December 1, 2010 | By:

Greenhouses and nurseries propagate plants in small plastic cups that contain, and sometimes constrain, growing root systems. Fiber Dynamics Inc., a High Point, N.C., company that manufactures dry laid, chemically bonded, thermally point-bonded and melt-blown nonwoven fabrics, saw a better solution. Using a chemically bonded nonwoven fiber coupled with a biodegradable binder system and an antimicrobial agent, Fiber Dynamics developed plant pods that allow young roots to grow.

The improved plant pods contain the root system while allowing wiggle room for roots, but that isn’t the only advantage. Because the binder system is biodegradable, millions of thin plastic pods cluttering landfills will now break down more rapidly, a real environmental plus. In addition, the antimicrobial agent prevents mold, mildew and pests from damaging the seedling before it achieves a healthy start.

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