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Beating the heat in new protective suits

Advanced Textiles, Products | January 1, 2011 | By:

Japanese fire fighters responding to flames in high-rise apartment buildings or reinforced concrete structures must meet the job head-on, entering enclosed spaces and getting closer to fires than ever before. Teijin Techno Products Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, and Akao Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of fire-fighting apparel, will introduce a new fire-fighting suit in March 2011 that is reportedly 10 percent lighter and 60 percent better at preventing second- and third-degree burns than current suits, giving responders a fighting chance in the hottest environments.

The Triprotech™ suit’s three-layer construction begins with GBarrier® Light exterior layer, made with Teijin’s Conex® heat- and flame-resistant meta-aramid fiber for thin, lightweight strength. A unique corrugated weave material, TechWave™, creates an insulating air layer that slows down heat conduction. The inner surface, next to the skin, reduces friction and allows firefighters to “suit up” quickly and save critical moments of response time. Teijin fabrics make up more than 60 percent of the Japanese market for firefighting suits, and the company plans to bring the product to emerging markets in India, Russia and Brazil.

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