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Aqua-Tite® Green for eco-friendly water repellency and stain protection

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Fabrics are used outdoors to protect people and items from the elements and often take the brunt of what nature delivers. Although there are many post-treatment water-repellent products on the market, they often contain a petroleum product as a base, and because of this are high in VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs can ultimately get washed into lakes and rivers and potentially present a danger to the environment.

Consumers wishing to use a post treatment water repellent product with a low VOC level now have another option: Aqua-Tite Green from MarChem CFI has VOC levels at 5 percent—well below current local, state, regional and national standards. There is no need to choose between protecting your cover and protecting the environment.

The premium grade water repellent also provides stain protection. This treatment is suited for fabrics made of acrylic, cotton, nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and polyester and cotton blends for products such as sporting goods equipment, tents, awnings, boat covers, boat tops, canvas, and leather footwear. Available in quarts, gallons and 55-gallon drums.

Source: MarChem CFI

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