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Grocery shopping in tents

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Food shoppers like space to browse, compare and discuss apple varieties, dessert cheeses or the merits of a hearty rye versus a French baguette. When EDEKA Handels-gesellschaft in Freiburg, Germany, commissioned a temporary sales hall to keep its grocery customers happy during a business renovation, the retailer wanted patrons to have room to roam. Two H-line hall tents, manufactured by Röder Zelt- und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH, Büdingen, Germany, provided more than 19,000 square feet for sales space, staff offices, restrooms and cooling units.

The two tents are linked by a walkable roof rail that can be heated. The hall’s double-layer thermal roof and insulated side walls help with temperature control, and the air conditioning system combines heating units and air-cooling units to maintain a comfortable environment. Room-height ceiling cladding and box-shaped roof cladding of Trevira® CS fire-retardant fabric provide safety and an attractive retail environment. The hall floor, with a load capacity of 164 pounds per square foot, is covered with tough PVC that is easy to keep clean.

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