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U.S. military specification MIL-PRF-20696

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We’re looking for a small quantity of fabric to MIL-PRF-20696, Type II, Class 1. We need it in the color 36231 and we’d really like to only buy one roll. Any idea where we can get it?

MIL-PRF-20696 is a U.S. military specification that describes waterproof and weather-resistant fabric. Type II calls for high strength, dimensionally stable fabric and Class 1 indicates that the fabric should have extreme cold temperature flexibility and be flame resistant. Fabric suppliers are like everyone else these days; they’re watching fabric inventories very carefully and tend to run military specification fabrics depending on the number of bids that are given for any particular material. The good news is that MIL-PRF-20696 is a fairly common mil spec. The challenge in this case was the color. Color 36231 is gray; khaki and olive drab are more common for this particular material. We did however, have success in finding one supplier who stocked it, although there were several that offered to do special orders.

SOURCE BondCote Corp.

Juli Case is IFAI‘s information and technical services manager.

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