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Super Absorbent Fibre technology from U.K.-based Technical Absorbents

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SAF® (Super Absorbent Fibre) polymers are extruded into filaments, dried, cured and precision-cut into a range of staple lengths, producing a white, fibrous superabsorbent material with the appearance and handling characteristics of a textile fiber. It’s produced in a range of absorbency grades, lengths and dtex, as well as in filament and polymer solution form. It can be converted via the traditional nonwoven, textile and yarn manufacturing processes. End product applications include performance cooling apparel, water barrier fabrics, geotextiles and agricultural fabrics, medical wound care, hygiene products, water blocking cable yarns and tapes, fuel/oil filtration and food packaging. SAF is a non-irritant and can be used in applications demanding strict toxicological profiling.

Source: Technical Absorbents

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