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Getting a CRRC rating

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How can I get my material a CRRC rating?

The CRRC stands for the Cool Roof Rating Council; they administer a rating program in which companies may label roof surface products with radiative property values. A product’s placement on the directory does not mean that the product is “cool” as defined by any particular code body or program. A CRRC rating is separate and distinct from membership in the CRRC.

To rate a product in the CRRC product directory, a company must first become a licensee. There are two different types of licenses: a Licensed Seller (LS) is a company that sells a finished product to market under their own brand name; a Licensed Other Manufacturer (OM) is a company that sells a finished product or product component to an LS, who then sells the product to market. Companies that sell directly to market and to another LS must become both an LS and an OM (but they need only pay the higher of the two associated licensing fees).

Once licensed with the CRRC, there are a few other required steps to obtain a product rating. First you must choose an Accredited Independent Testing Laboratories (AITL), and send your product samples, along with a Test Results Report and Test Farm Notification, to the lab for an initial testing. In addition, you must work with a CRRC Test Farm to coordinate 3-year weathering. Once you have received the Test Results Report back, return your application packet and fees to the CRRC.

SOURCE Cool Roof Rating Council

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