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U.S. Congress introduces textile bills

Industry News | August 1, 2011 | By:

In an effort to bolster U.S. textiles and apparels, the U.S. Congress will take up three measures introduced to solve pressing problems that hamper industry growth. The American Textile Technology Innovation and Research for Exportation (ATTIRE) Act (H.R. 2275) would create a $5 million competitive grant program at the U.S. Department of Commerce to fund textile research and innovation and boost exports. Colleges, universities and not-for-profit research institutes would be eligible for grants that will bring a stronger focus on nanotechnology, “smart” fabrics and other innovations. The Department of Defense Textile and Apparel Procurement Fairness Act (H.R. 2312) would limit the amount of military apparel and equipment that could be provided from Federal Prison Industries (a voluntary skills and job training program for federal prisoners) to 5 percent. “Our government should not put the employment of federal inmates over the employment of hardworking taxpayers,” says American Apparel and Footwear Association president and CEO Kevin M. Burke. The Save Our Industries (SAVE) Act (H.R. 2387) would expand textile and apparel trade between the U.S. and the Philippines through elimination of duties on Philippine apparel products made with U.S. fabric. The SAVE Act also offers strong customs enforcement provisions to eliminate “abusive transshipment practices.”

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