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New AATCC test methods available for download

Industry News | August 17, 2011 | By:

AATCC test method committees have developed and approved four brand new test methods, plus a newly revised method. Some of these test methods are of interest to companies dealing with performance fabrics with wicking or moisture management properties, and others to companies in the carpet and flooring industries.

AATCC Committees RA57, Floor Covering Test Methods and RA63, Water Resistance, Absorbency, and Wetting Agent Evaluation Test Methods have developed new methods:

  • AATCC Test Method 196-2011, Colorfastness to Sodium Hypochlorite of a Textile Floor Covering,
  • AATCC Test Method 197-2011, Vertical Wicking of Textiles,
  • AATCC Test Method 198-2011, Horizontal Wicking of Textiles, and
  • AATCC Test Method 199-2011, Drying Time of Textiles: Moisture Analyzer Method

In addition, AATCC Test Method 134-2011, Electrostatic Propensity of Carpets, was revised to make the Step with Neolite Soles mandatory, with the other portions optional.

The AATCC monograph on “Standardization of Home Laundry Test Conditions” has been revised to remove older machine parameters and add Table IIA for current top loading washing machine parameters. These parameters reflect information provided to AATCC by a top-loading washing machine manufacturer for machines that are already available on the market.

While the 2012 AATCC Technical Manual, including these new and revised methods, is not available until January, downloadable copies of these and other individual test methods and evaluation procedures may be purchased online immediately.

Source: AATCC

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