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SSM Industries expansion adds jobs

Industry News | November 1, 2011 | By:

Textile manufacturing jobs in Tennessee and Georgia began trickling away 10 years ago, presaging a grim future for the industry in that region. After some lean years, SSM Industries, a manufacturer of flame-resistant fabric, is reversing the trend by expanding its Spring City, Tenn., plant and adding 13-25 new employees to its workforce. The expansion creates an in-house yarn production center, allowing SSM to control yarn quality and availability, rather than depend on other suppliers. SSM included its own military-certified testing lab to ensure that the fabrics the company produces for military applications, such as fighter pilot gloves and tank driver helmets, meet government standards for quality. The Berry Amendment is helping to restore some of the jobs lost in the Southern states; 65 percent of SSM’s textile orders come from finished product manufacturers with government contracts.

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