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Huntsman partners with Ramatex for zero discharge of hazardous chemicals

Industry News | December 13, 2011 | By:

Huntsman Textile Effects, Singapore, has announced a strategic partnership with Ramatex Group, based in Singapore, to become the world’s first textile company dedicated to and capable of enabling the brands to deliver the commitments contained in the Joint Roadmap: Toward Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals.

Mr. Ma Wong Ching, chairman of Ramatex, commented: “Ramatex has always been committed to meeting the needs of the brands and being responsible to the consumers we supply. It is clear that the Joint Roadmap is challenging and ambitious but represents an important first step in reducing the environmental impacts of the textile industry. I am proud to say that with our solid foundation and the strong support of our partner, Huntsman, we are well placed to meet the challenge.”

Ramatex has taken care to ensure that its manufacturing processes embrace environmental protection and create a more sustainable approach to high-quality production by minimizing energy usage, adopting waste and water recycling and using organic materials and compliant chemicals and dyes only.

According to Paul Hulme, president of Huntsman Textile Effects, “As a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Huntsman Textile Effects is proud to be a part of this major initiative in driving sustainability throughout the whole textile value chain. This partnership will leverage our combined capabilities to deliver not only the challenges of the roadmap but indeed create a model for real, sustainable change within the textile industry.”

Source: Huntsman Textile Effects

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