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Polyfab USA appoints Tri Vantage exclusive distributor for Triax system

Industry News | January 16, 2012 | By:

Polyfab USA LLC has appointed Tri Vantage LLC as the exclusive United States distributor for the Triax™ system. The Triax system is a method of building a canopy frame able to support shadecloth or waterproof covers for a variety of residential and commercial applications.

The heart of the system is the Triax fitting, developed in Australia over the past ten years. This aluminum cast fitting makes the system flexible and easy to use, saving the fabricator time and money while allowing installers the freedom to assemble the frame on the jobsite. Tension for a tight fit of the fabric cover is contained within the frame, so the canopy can be freestanding or attached to an existing structure without subjecting it to excessive stress.

According to Tom Koster, new products manager for Tri Vantage, “We are excited about adding this to our line. We think our customers will see this as a good option for them to have available to offer their residential and commercial clients, and we look forward to adding this product to our line and developing this market in the USA.”

“The Triax fits standard 2-3/8 inches steel tubing, available anywhere in the country,” said Steve Morenberg, national sales and marketing manager for Polyfab USA, “and its revolutionary design eliminates the need for on-site welding. As welding is not required, then the more economical standard galvanized tubing can be used. This also avoids the health concerns of breathing fumes due to welding.

“Since the heritage of Tri Vantage includes making and selling awning hardware, including slip-fit fittings, it makes sense to work with them and their established customer base to bring this concept from Australia to the U.S.”

The clear span and water shedding design makes Triax a versatile alternative to umbrellas, offering greater protection and a cost-effective solution.

Source: PolyfabUSA

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