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JTE introduces new bonding, cutting machine

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JTE introduces the new SM-450-SA, a custom unwinding, hot air bonding and laser cutting solution for multiple-roll industrial fabrics.

The machine integrates three motorized unwinding systems, a conveyor cutting machine with a twin conveyor belt, two hot-air welding heads that transform up to three separate rolls into a single sheet, and twin CO2 lasers to cut the newly formed sheets of fabric as they pass over the cutting frame. The machine includes a motorized rewinding station with a total width of nearly eight meters.

The machine was developed for a European manufacturer of pool covers and is able to produce circles, ellipses, squares and rectangles with precision.

The machine promises to serve numerous applications: production of agricultural covers green houses, windscreens, industrial screens, temporary fencing, athletic field and turf protection, swimming pool covers, containment systems, geomembranes, collapsible storage tanks, and reservoir covers.

SM-450-SA can be used for any applications in which multiple rolls are to be bonded then cut.

JTE’s video illustrates the machine’s capabilities.

JTE Machine Systems, Inc. has been serving the industrial fabric industry for 13 years. As the North and South American Distributor for FIAB HF and S.M.R.E. Engineering, we offer fabric manufacturers solutions for their welding and cutting needs. JTE’s design and manufacturing team has experience in custom-automated machine solutions for medical, packaging, office products, conveyor belt and inflatable product applications. JTE offers its own brand of stationary RF machine solutions, including shuttles, turntables and inline systems.

S.M.R.E. Engineering is a leader in cutting, welding and sewing solutions for industrial fabrics manufacturers. The company is focused on tailor-made and application specific high quality machines, with over 700 manufacturers working with their solutions worldwide. S.M.R.E applies its patented Intelligent Torque technology to three different welding methods, including liquid glue, hot air and ultrasonics.

Sources: JTE Machine Systems and S.M.R.E. Engineering

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