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Lake Cycling CX331 road shoe features Outlast materials for increased comfort

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Outlast Technologies, a leader in heat and moisture management technology, and long-time partner Lake® Cycling have introduced the LAKE CX331 road shoe featuring Outlast® materials in the tongue and heel. The Outlast technology in the shoe will proactively respond to changes in foot temperature to help mitigate moisture—before it begins—for increased breathability and sweat reduction. This improved comfort allows cyclists to stay focused on their ride, not on their feet.

Features of the LAKE CX331 include:

  • Outlast heat management heel and tongue liner;
  • Internal carbon fiber Thermaform heel counters that mold the shoe to the foot after heating it;
  • Side-mounted Push/Pull BOA® Closure System with powerzone in the forefoot;
  • Kangaroo leather/mesh upper;
  • 100 percent carbon fiber sole.

Products with Outlast technology interact with the microclimate next to the body and the external environment to buffer changes in temperature and humidity. Unlike other fabrics and insulation that trap heat, Outlast products continuously absorb excess heat when there is too much, and release it as needed to maintain a more constant microclimate temperature. By proactively reducing overheating and controlling moisture, the materials offer a clear advantage over reactive technologies, such as wicking, which only respond to moisture.

Source: Outlast Technologies

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