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Heavy-duty swinging doors for warehouse work

Advanced Textiles, Products | June 1, 2012 | By:

Warehouse-based business operations involve moving stock rapidly from place to place with forklifts and mechanized traffic—a process that can make mincemeat out of swinging doors. Doors with dings, dents, bent frames and worn-out hinges can impede efficient movement of stock and pose safety risks to employees. TMI LLC, a Pittsburgh, Pa., manufacturer of products to manage working environments, developed the Mega-Pro Heavy Duty (HD) swinging doors to stand up to heavy traffic, while reducing noise and controlling temperatures between working spaces.

The Mega-Pro HD fits doorways up to 10 by 10 feet and features galvanized steel hardware attached to crystal-clear 3/8-inch-thick industrial grade PVC, available in regular and low temperature grades. A spring-loaded design ensures consistent opening and closing, and all door components are housed in a frame that prevents infiltration of dust, debris or contaminants. The doors overlap to control temperature, allow increased visibility, reduce noise by up to 35 decibels, conserve energy and provide years of maintenance-free service. Optional impact plates provide even more durability.

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