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Cintas launches flame-resistant clothing web page

Industry News | November 12, 2012 | By:

Every year, thousands of workers are involved in electrical arc accidents, molten metal splashes, flash fires and combustible dust explosions on the job. To educate companies about these risks, as well as what they can do to comply with new industry standards, Cintas has launched a new website dedicated to its flame-resistant clothing line.

Cintas is the largest provider of professionally managed flame-resistant clothing programs in North America. Not only does Cintas provide personal protective apparel, but it also now provides employers with an online resource to stay updated regarding standards and guidelines for safety compliance in the workplace.

“We developed this website to enhance our safety message and to be a resource for safety managers across North America when it comes to protective apparel. We care about the safety of our customers who rely on our uniforms to do their work, and we want to be seen as more of a resource that just a uniform provider,” says Jeff Koehne, protective apparel marketing manager at Cintas. “With this website, which will be updated continually with educational videos, regulation updates and other industry and hazard information, we can be their main resource for safety information and product developments as well.”

Two separate lines of flame-resistant clothing are offered, one for everyday tasks and one for working in greater risk environments, and the company’s protective apparel specialists can help companies design and implement customized programs to meet every need.

Source: Cintas

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