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Badgetec develops Contour Clip clothing attachment

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Badgetec has developed a recently patented clothing-safe attachment for wearing buttons, badges and tags. The new plastic clip, called the Contour Clip®, is molded polypropylene that attaches to a garment like a paperclip. The clip can replace traditional pins or metal spring clips as well as adhesive stickers due to the clip’s ease of use and low-cost.

The new clips are clothing-safe, child-safe, recyclable and reusable. Developed to provide new types of eco-friendly badges, tags and buttons, The Contour Clip fastens through the slot in the badge, button or tag, then slides over the edge of one’s garments. No plastic holders are required.

They provide many benefits to both the individuals wearing them and the organizations providing them, such as insuring visibility for the ad, display or promotion, displaying QR Codes and providing self-expression for the individual. QR Codes on tags are commonly used today at trade shows and meetings for “contact info transfer,” replacing the exchange of physical business cards.

Badgetec provides recyclable cardstock and white polyester diecut sheets (with attachment slots removed) for printing either round or rectangular formats. With the Badgetec standard 8.5×11” diecut sheets, the badge material is thin, yet sufficiently rigid for wearing. In addition, these standard size sheets can be printed on most laser and inkjet printers using Microsoft Word (AVERY®) templates. Once printed, one simply separates the printed tags from the sheet and issues them to the individual.

Source: Badgetec

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