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AATCC’s UV Calibration Reference Fabric ensures precise color communication

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American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists’ (AATCC) Ultraviolet (UV) Calibration Reference Fabric helps ensure accurate color communication throughout the textile supply chain accurate, saving time and money from expensive miscommunications.

AATCC’s optically brightened reference fabric has been calibrated to a national standardizing lab. The fabric is designed to give more accurate measurements than the non-textile UV calibration plaques usually supplied with a spectrophotometer.

This UV Calibration Reference Fabric provides a target CIE-Whiteness value that can be used to accurately adjust spectrophotometers for measuring optically-brightened textiles, no matter which method an instrument uses to calibrate UV content. Because UV content will be properly calibrated for textiles, users will see more consistent results from one spectrophotometer to another.

In addition, the spectral data from optically-brightened textiles can be exchanged more accurately within the supply chain and digitally-based quality assessments will be more precise and easier to accomplish.

Source: American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists

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