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Defense company wins contract for armored vehicles using Dyneema ballistic tape

Industry News | May. 30, 2013 | By:

DSM Dyneema, manufacturer of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fiber, Dyneema® announced a new milestone for its lightweight, cost-effective Dyneema BT10 ballistic tape. FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş., a leading producer of armored vehicles based in Turkey, won a major contract from an Asian government to manufacture 8×8 “Pars©” amphibious armored personnel vehicles featuring spall liners made with BT10.

Spall liners protect vehicle occupants from high-velocity fragments that are created when explosive shells send shock waves through a vehicle’s metal armor. FNSS will use Dyneema BT10 tape for spall liners in 257 Pars (Turkish for Anatolian leopard) vehicles. The amphibious vehicle will be manufactured in 12 models during 2013–2018.

Dyneema ballistic tape provides an innovative materials solution that delivers mobility, personnel protection and economic value. Weight reduction helps vehicles remain agile and keeps operational and maintenance costs low. When used as a spall liner the tape delivers proven ballistic performance against improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and explosively formed penetrators (EFPs). Polyethylene construction makes Dyneema ballistic tape safe and easy to handle and process.

“DSM Dyneema sees tremendous growth potential for BT10 in the defense market because of its ability to meet multiple customer needs while providing exceptional ballistic performance for life protection,” said Christian Widdershoven, global vice president at DSM Dyneema. “It allows designers and manufacturers to balance the requirements for better ballistic performance with agility under increased vehicle payloads, all at a competitive cost level. We are extremely pleased that FNSS was able to leverage the benefits of Dyneema BT10 tape to win this important contract.”

Source: DSM Dyneema

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