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Coloursmith launches new lab coater

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U.K.-based Coloursmith has launched a new lab coater designed to simulate the same blade coating conditions seen in the majority of production environments. The coater creates a sample of approximately 300mm in width and a maximum length of 800mm to enable the user to take standard sample swatches from the same coating trial.

The base unit is designed to simulate standard water base coatings of the blade over precision roller or blade in air techniques, and includes a simple crush calender and a 3KW drying facility. A crushing calender can be used to apply foamed compounds, such as ‘blackout’ simulating fabric coatings.

The machine can be both bench mounted or supplied with a supporting frame. Optional cassettes include a lab coater gravure roller, a lab coater hotmelt blade for the application of a range of hotmelt products up to 170°C, a Meyer bar, a lick roller and a powder scatter applicator.

Source: Coloursmith

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