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Miller Weldmaster supplies welders and various automations systems

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Miller Weldmaster
Specialty Fabrics Expo 2013 Booth: 3824

What: T-600 Extreme welder

Why: Built to address the toughest production demands, welder is versatile and multifunctional for easy operation, speed and accuracy. It accommodates production of large products, accepting fabrics up to 81 inches wide without folding for easy maneuvering.

What: Moduline System

Why: Designed for customers seeking to improve their production process through automated solutions, delivering greater business profitability, the system allows users to choose from numerous automation choices irrespective of their businesses’ production demand.

What: Seamvision

Why: Ensure seam integrity with a quality assurance system for standard and automation machine lines. It greatly augments production capability by using high-speed thermal imaging production to capture instantaneous images of welding seams as the product is manufactured.

What: Impulse Extreme

Why: Designed for the sign, digital textile, awning and screen markets, machine features a folding function that increases productivity by eliminating operator set-up time prior to welding. Zipper configuration aligns fabric allowing for effortless positioning of fabric and weldable zipper.

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