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The golf club’s crowning glory

Graphics, Projects | August 1, 2013 | By:

Professional golfers, branded from head to toe with logos for athletic apparel and equipment, stride on challenging, sun-drenched courses displaying their skills and their sponsors. Now everyone, from the business manager entertaining clients to the high-school golf team practicing in cut-off jeans, can make a statement on the links. ClubCrown by VIVE is a patented semi-permanent film golf club cover that customizes the driver (and most woods) with brands, team logos, monograms or even photos of the grandkids. The film covers conform to U.S. Golf Association (USGA) rules and minimally affect club weight and aerodynamics.

Andrew Glaser, a former Wall Street hedge fund manager, launched ClubCrown by VIVE in 2011 as the ultimate form of golf-club customization. The advanced thin, light and malleable film covers can be applied by certified installers in 10-15 minutes. The covers protect drivers from regular usage nicks, make old clubs look new and can be removed and updated at will. Glaser (who is a low handicap golfer himself) studies replacement cycles for consumer products and projects that golf equipment purchases could decline by 40 percent in the next few years—if manufacturers don’t re-think ways to appeal to customers.

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