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Single shelter (in your shoes)

Projects, Tents | October 1, 2013 | By:

Sneakers come with a built-in tent for a personal shelter anywhere you go.

They could be called “shoe-tent,” “sneaker-shelter” or “mobile habitat.” The creators, an Australian architecture collective, chose “Walking Shelter,” for a pair of canvas high-top shoes that (mostly) conceal enough fabric and findings to fashion a personal shelter, right there on the spot.

Part of the “Choose Your Own Adventure Shoes” line, the trendy sneakers convert in seconds to a lightweight tent for instant shade or protection from a sudden rainshower—or for anytime a little personal space is desired.

Stored compactly in integrated net pockets within the shoe, the shelter expands out and around the body. When unfolded, the two halves of the shelter zip together. There’s ample room for one, but the designers have managed to fit three people in the soft space.


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