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Packaging fabrics

Products | February 1, 2014 | By:

ABC Industries has developed the new BT-1 single-sided and BT-2 double-sided brushed polyester fabrics, specially engineered to transport Class A automotive finished goods. BT-1 is a 10 oz./sq. yd. single-sided finished fabric manufactured with blue brushed tricot and milky clear, reinforced vinyl materials. BT-2 weighs 14 oz./sq. yd. and is engineered with a double-sided, blue brushed tricot-on-tricot finish. Lightweight and strong, both are constructed of three-ply and four-ply (respectively) laminated components that conform to virtually any shape. BT-1 and BT-2 are part of the Packa-Tex™ line that provide a delicate, flexible method of product transport for automotive parts, postal packages, glassware and other fragile components or finished goods.

SOURCE ABC Industries Inc., Winona Lake, Ind., U.S.A.

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