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Cut-to-fit belts for frequent flyers

Business | April 1, 2014 | By:

StarBelt Collections, manufactured by WeatherTech®, Bollingbrook, Ill., assures all potential customers that the colorful thermoplastic polyolefin and elastomer StarBelts are completely recyclable and “vegan.” These may not be the biggest market advantages StarBelt offers in its competition with leather belts for keeping up the slacks, shorts and knickers of customers. The company insists that it is “the ultimate belt for any sport—including running through the airport, since its metal-free design won’t set off metal detectors,” says Kim Ruzycki, brand manager for StarBelt products.

Other advantages of the StarBelt are its jelly bean colors (hot pink, anyone?); durable and waterproof material; imperviousness to sweat, heat or cold; and the exact fit. StarBelt can be trimmed to any waist size up to 48 inches, and measures 1.33 inches wide, making it a must-have for everyone from a Sumo wrestler to a wispy five-year-old girl. The 14 vibrant belt and buckle colors allow creative customers to make unique fashion statements or match school, sponsor or corporate color schemes.

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