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Enclosing and framing with space

Projects | May 1, 2014 | By:

Exhibits crammed with kiosks, floor modules and booths may give businesses plenty of space to display wares, but little space for customers to look and consult with sales staff without bumping into one another. TenFab
Design LLC, Lincolnwood, Ill., had a better idea—the Pavilion™ series tensioned-fabric enclosures that frame products and promotions with space. Each of three designs, the Entrepreneur, the Executive and the Icon, provides more than 1,200 square feet of tensioned fabric wall surface for high-visibility graphics, and leaves the floor space for people.

Each Pavilion design features two 16-foot tensioned-fabric walls and a ceiling constructed with multiple layers of polyester fabric, usually a medium-weight, 100-percent polyester knit, which is inherently flame-resistant and has a small amount of stretch. (Other fabric types such as sheers, meshes and heavyweights are used for specific displays.) All materials work well with dye-sublimation printing processes, and ceilings can support LED light fixtures. The Pavilion Series, introduced in March at Exhibitor 2014 and GlobalShop 2014 shows in Las Vegas, aims to give exhibitors maximum visibility on the show floor and maximum open space to meet with customers.

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